Round Conical Planters- Set of 2 by Nature Weavers


Round Conical Planters- Set of 2

These kouna planters (a straw grown in wetlands of Manipur) are a great way for styling your house. These have been handmade by skilled artists and would make your plants look more beautiful than ever.

The weaves make sure they are strong and durable.

Usage & Care

1. The planters are meant to be kept indoors but if you have a balcony/garden area, then they can be placed there as well. Make sure they don’t get wet as water may destroy the planters.

2. You have to put a pot inside these planters. It is suggested that you put a plate first and then place the pot on top of the plate as it will save the planters from being destroyed by any excess water.

3. The planters should not be kept in wet space or remain waterlogged from inside. Water can be used for cleaning and then to be dried in sun.

4. Clean gently and occasionally- Kouna would never settle dust on itself and it would hardly need cleaning, the bottom surface may get black if water is logged but that would not affect durability of the planters. A varnish can be applied if preferred for its new look.

Note: We will take 3-7 days for these to be prepared as each order is prepared with love for you

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