Our Story

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

Monk’s design philosophy is based on comfort, simplicity and boldness that defines a modern woman versatility with Classic and Coveted Style. Monk combats fast fashion by supporting domestic and locally-sourced handmade fabrics of the highest quality. It promotes ethical fashion by using eco-fabrics, recycling fabric wastes, using handmade seed paper plantable tags that can grow into a plant and following other environmentally conscious practices. To transform Indian textiles into Timeless Fashion and Lifestyle that adds soul to clothing is our brand mantra. The brand’s first collection makes it luxurious yet super wearable.

Label Monk is named so, to make it resonate with purity, simplicity and sanity. It’s a home based label that was started as a result of affinity for fashion. Monk designs are meant to be worn forever and makes our consumers beautiful, strong and admirable.

Our first collection “forrest collection” is inspired by nature. Most of the elements depicts both flora and fauna. Leisure and comfort are taken care in designing hence named as forrest “for-rest”.  We are mainly using hand block prints (handpicked from Bagru and Sanganer) and some exclusively picked cotton fabrics from different sources for this collection. The designs are a brilliant play of textiles dyed in various colours with a choice of layered and relaxed silhouettes.

Though our products are keepsakes, Our brand’s sustainable and reuse and recycle philosophy led us to exclusively introduce an offer to take a return of our product any time after one year (cotton seed to cotton boll production time) of purchase and the consumer gets flat 25% discount on the next purchase from the same shelf. We recycle all the returned fabric to strive towards sustainability.

From Our Founders

Label Monk is an online destination for sustainable fashion, ethical & eco lifestyle. It’s a place where fashion can exist responsibly, so we can enjoy the art and love behind the things we wear & use every day.


We promise to keep our focus on Sustainable Fashion that includes elegant, simple, and understated collections, create quality products for people in a more conscious and ethical way. With our brand, we envision to empower artisans to succeed & bring together artists community through our work, sell our design-driven work, support local craft community & redefine handmade and contemporary art.